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caspock replied to your post: Got the urge to reblog a Teen Wolf gif set. Even…

Watch it and fall into the madness that is Teen Wolf feels.

I’m downloading season one right now hehe. But omg, I don’t need another show. It’s just…my dash says otherwise haha. 

 bella8876 replied to your postGot the urge to reblog a Teen Wolf gif set. Even…

Don’t give in. You can do it. Or give in. Whatever. The boys are really pretty. And some of the girls are kick ass. But it’s a disease, or an addiction, once you start you can’t stop.

I’ve been holding out but I’ve never been good at that. So I gave in. I just hope I like it lol. 

  1. bella8876 said: Nobody likes it. They like the character…ok they like Stiles (because he is single handedly the greatest at everything ever) and they like Sterek because HOT but yeah, the show could use a lot of work, but it sucks you in regardless.
  2. dmitrikrushnic said: You never know how much you needed Teen Wolf until you have it. Season one is “eh” but holy mother of Chuck, when you get to season two you will be crying in a ball of confusion and brilliance at the end of every episode. Also, Stiles.
  3. cinematicnomad said: honestly i know what you mean. i still haven’t watched it yet but i know i’m going to give in. i have all the series downloaded and i’ve been reading sterek fics….tumblr breaks down your willpower against everything
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